How to Pick Painting Wooden Easel Good for Drawing?

What is Painting Wooden Easel?

Painting Wooden Easel

Painting Wooden Easel is single-side, foldable and aesthetically pleasing tool mostly for painting, also can serve as a toddler easel. Due to its foldable feature, when not in use, this type of easel stand can be conveniently folded and stored away, occupying minimal space. Although it is made of wood, the surface has been polished to be smooth. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the hand will get hurt.

This type of Wooden drawing easel generally has three main materials to choose: White pine wood (relatively soft), yellow pine wood (moderate hardness), and beech wood (higher hardness). The most common color is natural wood color. But of course, black or pink are also options by spraying paint on the surface.

Additionally, the height of the drawing board is adjustable. Simply adjust the lower bracket to the desired height, then adjust the upper bracket to secure the drawing board. Once the position is right, tighten the screws at the back. It can use for both sitting and standing positions, suitable for people of different heights and ages. About the packaging method, it’s plastic-sealed and then packed into cardboard boxes.

Wooden Easel Stand is suitable for both children and adults to use, so it usually used as a toddler easel or painting easel, whether for outdoor sketching or indoor painting. Besides being as a toddler easel used for painting, they can also serve as an advertising display stand.

 easel stand

How to choose Painting Board and Painting Wooden Easel ?

The types of drawing boards can be solid and hollow type, and you can simply choose the size of the drawing board based on the dimensions. Common sizes include 2-fold, 4-fold, and 8-fold, among which 8-fold is the smallest. People can decide based on the size of their drawing paper.

Currently, most drawing easels on the market are of the H-type. If you are a professional artist, then the H-type easel is the first choice. This type of Painting Wooden Easel  has a sturdy base, giving an overall sense of stability, and is suitable for indoor use.

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