What is Adhesive Color Cutting Vinyl:

Adhesive Color cutting vinyl refers to a type of vinyl material that is used for creating graphics, signage, and decorative elements by cutting out shapes, letters, or designs. And it it often confused with Car Adhesive Vinyl and Self-adhesive Label.

Adhesive Color Cutting Vinyl

This vinyl material comes in various colors and finishes, such as matte, glossy, or metallic, and it is typically supplied in rolls or sheets. Adhesive Color cutting vinyl is commonly used in the sign-making industry, for vehicle graphics, window decals, banners, and other applications where durable and visually appealing graphics are needed.

The vinyl can be cut using a vinyl cutter or plotter, which follows a digital design file to precisely cut out the desired shapes or letters.

Difference between Car Adhesive Vinyl, Self-adhesive Label, and Color Cutting Vinyl:

Car Adhesive Vinyl

Car Adhesive Vinyls are mainly used on cars, and the color is mostly white. They can be printed with patterns, commonly used for car body advertisements, window advertisements, etc. They are mainly composed of white opaque PVC, acrylic adhesive, and backing paper, suitable for solvent and weak solvent machines. Common types include black one, white Car Adhesive Vinyls, suitable for large-area back Car Adhesive Vinyl spraying.

Self-adhesive Label can print patterns or logos, with beautiful color printing and convenient paste. They are commonly seen on beverage bottle labels, daily necessities labels, chemical labels (laboratory chemical material identification), medical labels, etc. The basic composition is PVC/PP/PET + adhesive + backing paper. Common Self-adhesive Label materials include art paper adhesive, PP synthetic paper adhesive, transparent adhesive labels, PVC adhesive labels, writing paper adhesive labels, etc. They are very useful and can be applied to various occasions.

Color Cutting Vinyls are mainly used in advertising production, shopping mall window decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration, storefront decoration, etc. They come in various colors and are made of PVC material, similar to it. Colors include red, yellow, green, white, etc. Companies often stick their company name, logo, slogans, etc., on glass doors, which are generally Color Cutting Vinyls. The usage is also simple: use a Color Cutting Vinyl machine to engrave the desired graphics or text, use transfer film to transfer the graphics and text to the desired location.

Usage of Color Cutting Vinyl:

Self-adhesive Label

Color Cutting Vinyl is generally applied to glass or smooth and clean surfaces, serving as a warning sign. Large-sized Color Cutting Vinyl can be challenging to apply. Here are some tips:

First, choose the location where the Color Cutting Vinyl will be applied, then clean the surface of dust or stains. 

Hold the Color Cutting Vinyl in your hand and visualize the most suitable way to apply it.

Since it is usually applied to glass, it is recommended to spray some water on both the glass and the Color Cutting Vinyl before applying.

Then, adjust the position and use a scraper to remove any water stains. Apply the transfer film on top of the cut-out letters, stick the letters, and then apply them to the glass. 

If there are bubbles after applying, use a needle to puncture them, and then use a scraper to flatten them.

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