What is the difference between PVC and rigid PVC film?

PVC can be divided into soft PVC and rigid PVC film. Soft PVC contains plasticizers, making it more prone to becoming brittle, and it is suitable for applications that require flexibility and bending, such as medical devices and raincoats. Rigid PVC, which does not contain plasticizers, boasts advantages such as good flexibility, ease of shaping, non-brittleness, non-toxicity, lack of pollution, and long service life. It is commonly used in applications like X-frames, pull-up banners, and advertising display boards. These two types of PVC have distinct characteristics and uses, so the choice between them depends on specific requirements.

rigid PVC film

What is PVC film?

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, originates from vinyl chloride monomers and is a synthetic plastic polymer. It is renowned for its versatility and comes in various forms, such as flexible and rigid variations. PVC is highly regarded for its chemical resistance, cost-effectiveness, and its adaptability to numerous manufacturing processes.

PVC roll

What is Rigid PVC film?


  • PVC:PVC exists in flexible and rigid forms. Flexible PVC is soft and pliable, suitable for applications such as hoses and inflatable structures.
  • Rigid PVC:Rigid PVC, as the name suggests, is stiff and doesn’t bend easily. It finds uses in construction, electrical conduit, and outdoor signage where durability and strength are necessary.


  • PVC: Various additives can be incorporated into PVC formulations, such as plasticizers, to modify its flexibility, impact resistance, or other properties.
  • Rigid PVC: Rigid PVC contains fewer plasticizers or none at all, giving it its stiff nature and making it less susceptible to plasticizer migration over time.


  • PVC:In applications such as vinyl flooring, inflatable structures, and certain medical devices, flexible PVC is widely used. It is appreciated for its versatility and ease of processing.
  • Rigid PVC:In applications where strength, dimensional stability, and impact resistance are crucial, rigid PVC is the preferred choice. It finds wide use in construction for pipes, window frames, and outdoor signage.


  • PVC: While flexible PVC is durable in its own right, it is not as rigid or impact-resistant as its rigid counterpart.
  • Rigid PVC:Rigid PVC is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it suitable for long-lasting outdoor applications and challenging environments.

In conclusion, PVC and rigid PVC are closely related materials with differences in flexibility, additives, and applications. PVC offers versatility, while rigid PVC provides strength and durability. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the intended use, with each material offering unique advantages.

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