KT Board: An Overview of Uses

KT board, also known as foam board or foam core board. This is a lightweight and versatile material extensively used in various applications. It’s composed of a rigid foam core, typically made from extruded polystyrene. With two paper or plastic layers sandwiching on KT board. Moreover, this design results in a sturdy yet lightweight material. I think this is perfect for a range of purposes.

KT board


  1. Signage: Many stores use KT board for outdoor and indoor signage. Therefore Its smooth surface allows for high-quality printing. It is suitable for advertising boards, point-of-sale displays, and directional signs.
  2. Advertising: It’s a popular choice for promotional materials, such as posters, billboards, and cut-out displays. Also the material’s lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and install.
  3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: The industry commonly use KT board to create booth displays and backdrops at trade shows and exhibitions. Furthermore, its lightweight property ensures easy setup and dismantling.
  4. Model Making: It’s an excellent choice for architectural models, prototypes, and DIY craft projects due to its ease of cutting and shaping.
  5. Art and Crafts: Artists often use KT board as a canvas for painting or for constructing 3D models and sculptures.
  6. Photography Backdrops: Photographers sometimes use KT board as a portable and customizable backdrop for photo shoots.
  7. Educational Materials: In the education sector, teachers prepare classes with KT board for creating visual aids, charts, and educational displays. Indeed, students like this way of teaching.
  8. Packaging: In some cases, we used KT board for packaging lightweight and delicate items. providing protection during shipping.
  9. Interior Design: Designers may employ KT board to create temporary or decorative wall coverings and displays in retail or event spaces.

KT board’s versatility, lightweight structure, and relatively low cost have made it a popular choice in the advertising and design industries. Its applications extend beyond what’s listed here, with its utility limited only by creativity and imagination. Contact us.

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