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LED Blister Light Boxes are commonly used in various settings, including retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, trade shows, and outdoor advertising displays. They are favored for their ability to enhance the visibility of promotional materials and create an eye-catching visual effect, particularly in low-light or nighttime environments.

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Product specification:

Feature Specifications
Product Name Blister Light Box
Frame Material Aliuminum
Panel material Acylic
Shape Round
Area 50CM
Thinkness 14CM
Light source LED
Power supply AC110V-240V / DC 12V Adapter
Application Outdoor

Product Description:

The Round Cafe Logo Sign LED Light Box is a circular signage solution for cafes, featuring LED illumination. It uses an aluminum frame to make the light box durable and waterproof, so it can be used in outdoor environments even in rainy days.

LED Blister Light Boxes are widely used in different places such as retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, trade shows, and outdoor advertising displays. They are popular for making promotional materials more visible and creating an eye-catching effect, especially in low-light or nighttime situations.

Key Features:

 Double-Sided Brilliance
  • Our Double-sided LED Light Box provides stunning illumination from both sides, ensuring your graphics and advertisements are visible from multiple angles.
  • High-quality LED lights offer vibrant and uniform lighting for maximum impact.
Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Built with a robust and lightweight aluminum frame, this lightbox is engineered to withstand outdoor elements and heavy use.
  • The frame’s sleek design adds a modern touch to your displays.
 Versatile Applications
  • Perfect for a wide range of settings, including retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, outdoor events, and more.
  • Use it to showcase promotions, menus, branding, or featured products.
Easy Graphic Changes
  • The innovative design allows for effortless graphic changes, making it ideal for frequently updated messaging.
  • Secure and reliable graphic fastening ensures your content stays in place.
  • Designed for outdoor use, this lightbox is weather-resistant, ensuring your displays remain vibrant even in challenging conditions.

Applicable Scenarios:

  • Retail Stores and Shops:  They can be used to showcase promotional information, sale items, or brand logos, attracting customers’ attention and boosting sales.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Whether indoors or outdoors, they can display menus, featured dishes, or brand logos, enhancing the dining experience and attracting diners.
  • Exhibitions and Displays: In museums, art galleries, or trade shows, they can highlight exhibits, artworks, or information, piquing the interest of viewers.
  • Hotels and Inns: They are used to display hotel signage, welcome messages, or information about special events, enhancing the guest experience.
  • Billboards and Outdoor Advertising: They can be employed to create large billboards, showcasing brand advertising, product promotions, or special sales.
  • Corporate Offices: As company logos or signage, they enhance the appearance and professionalism of office spaces.
  • Entertainment Venues: For nightclubs, music venues, or entertainment establishments, they attract customers and provide special effects.
    Transport Hubs: In train stations, airports, or bus terminals, they display information or advertisements, providing travelers with information.
  • Business Centers and Shopping Malls: They can be used to display business center signage, navigation information, or store advertisements, improving the shopping experience.
  • Events and Weddings: For events, weddings, or celebrations, they can display welcome messages, celebration signage, or program schedules.





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