Introducing our LED Board Adjustable Hollow Light Box, a versatile and eye-catching signage solution that illuminates your message with style and flair. Crafted with precision and featuring an innovative adjustable design, this light box is perfect for businesses looking to make a bold statement and attract attention.

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Product specification:

Feature Specifications
Product Name Magnetic Light Box
Frame Material Aliuminum
Panel material Acylic
Color of frame Silver
Shape Square
Thinkness Hard
Light source LED
Power supply AC110V-240V / DC 12V Adapter
Application Outdoor

Product Description:

SHIDAI Led Advertising Light Boxes is a specialized illumination device designed for various creative and artistic applications. It typically consists of an ultra-thin frame that houses bright LED lights and a transparent surface. What sets it apart is the magnetic surface that holds papers, artworks, sketches, or tracing materials securely in place.

A “Light Box with RGB Color Change” is a specialized illumination device designed to provide vibrant and dynamic lighting effects using Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs. Unlike traditional light boxes with static lighting, an RGB light box allows you to change and control the colors of the illumination to create various visual effects, moods, and atmospheres.

Key Features:

Color Customization: The ability to customize the light box’s illumination to display a wide spectrum of colors. Users can select their preferred colors or set dynamic color-changing sequences.

Remote Control: Many RGB light boxes come with remote controls or smartphone apps that allow users to easily change colors, adjust brightness, and select different lighting modes.

Versatility: Suitable for a variety of applications, including decorative lighting, mood lighting, signage, art displays, and more. It adds a creative and dynamic element to spaces.

Dynamic Effects: In addition to static colors, RGB light boxes can produce dynamic effects like color fading, pulsating, and transitioning between colors.

Custom Signage: Some models allow for the display of custom graphics, logos, and text with RGB lighting, making them popular choices for businesses seeking attention-grabbing signage.

Overall, a light box with RGB color change offers versatility and flexibility in creating visually appealing displays, making it a popular choice for both commercial and decorative purposes.





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