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The “Double-Sided Acrylic Square LED Light Box with Aluminum Frame Blister Light Box” is a versatile and visually appealing display solution that combines the benefits of LED lighting, premium acrylic construction, and a distinctive frame design. It is suitable for various indoor settings and is designed to capture attention and deliver messages effectively.

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Product specification:

Feature Specifications
Product Name Blister Light Box
Frame Material Aliuminum
Panel material Acylic
Shape Square
Width of frame 8CM
Thinkness 14CM
Light source LED
Power supply AC110V-240V / DC 12V Adapter
Application Outdoor

Product Description:

The “Double-Sided Acrylic Square LED Light Box with Aluminum Frame Blister Light Box” is a visually striking and versatile illuminated display unit, featuring high-quality LED lighting, premium acrylic construction, and a sleek square design. It captivates viewers with stunning illumination from both sides, making it ideal for showcasing graphics, promotions, and creative content in a wide range of indoor settings, from retail stores to exhibitions, while its aluminum frame adds stability and a modern touch to the display.

Key Features:

Double-Sided Brilliance: This lightbox is designed to provide stunning illumination from both sides, ensuring that your graphics and messages are visible from various angles. It uses high-quality LED lights to deliver vibrant and uniform lighting for maximum visual impact.

Acrylic Build: The main body of the lightbox is constructed from premium acrylic, known for its exceptional clarity and durability. The transparent acrylic panels enhance the visual appeal of your displayed content.

Aluminum Frame: It features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame that not only adds stability to the lightbox but also provides a sleek and modern appearance. The frame’s design may have a distinctive “blister” or curved shape, making it stand out.

Versatile Applications: This lightbox is suitable for a wide range of settings, including retail stores, restaurants, art galleries, trade shows, and more. It can be used to showcase promotions, branding, menus, featured products, or creative artwork.

Sleek Square Design: The lightbox has a square design that adds a touch of modern elegance to your displays. Its flat, square shape maximizes the display space for your visual content.

Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, it comes with all the necessary hardware included. You can choose between wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted options to suit your preferences.




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