Tooth Neon Sign

This pink Tooth neon sign can create a warm atmosphere in your space. It can be placed at home to guide children to develop good tooth brushing habits, or it can be used in dental clinics to reduce people’s fears.

Customize your own personalized neon signs, neon wall art adorns coffee shops, bars, restaurants and eateries; Neon signs appear in beauty salons and barbershops; There are personal neon signs in nightclubs and yoga studios. Whether you want to decorate your room or make your store more attractive, you can use neon sign to great effect.

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This pink Tooth neon sign can create a warm atmosphere in your space. It can be placed at home to guide children to develop good tooth brushing habits, or it can be used in dental clinics to reduce people’s fears.

Product Specifications:

Item Value
Product name Tooth Neon Sign
Material Acrylic
Light Source LED Neon
Power Supply Adaptor
Input Voltage 12V
Working Temperature 40℃
Working Lifetime 5000 hours
Warranty 1 Year
Installation Way Wall mount or hung
Usage Decoration
Application Places Shops, Wedding, Companies, Home, Office, Hotels, Event & Party
Light Source Type 2835 SMD LED
LED Quantity 120pcs/meter
LED Life Expectancy 5000 hours
Color R/G/B/W/Optional colors
Neon Flex 8mm / 6mm Silicone
Back Board 6.6mm Acrylic or 10mm PVC optional
Font Size >4cm
Installation Mounting / Handing
Connection Bare wire or USB optional
Size 32*35cm

Product Description:

  • Wide Application: Neon wall signs have a cool look, bright and romantic. You can place it in your bedroom, party, club, game room, wedding or as a holiday decoration. It can be used as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas gift for family, lovers, friends, etc. It can not only be hung on the wall, but also as your home decoration.
  • Complete Accessories: Neon sign wall art is equipped with all the necessary accessories, the neon is equipped with an on/off button and USB plug. Simply plug the USB port into the power supply to provide enough current for the neon sign.
  • Safe and durable: Tooth Neon Sign are made of high-quality soft silicone lamp strips and thick acrylic backboards, which are more durable and long-lasting than traditional glass neon lights. Using the latest neon flexible technology, our LED neon lights are stronger, lighter and more energy efficient with no noise emissions. Free of toxic gases and mercury, no regular refill required. Choosing our neon sign wall decor is also an eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


  1. Business Signage: Neon sign wall decor attract attention as storefront signs for businesses like restaurants and retail stores.
  2. Hospitality and Entertainment: Neon wall signs create a lively atmosphere in hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, and bars.
  3. Event Decor: Neon signs add a festive touch to weddings, parties, and other events.
  4. Art Installations: Artists use neon signs to express creativity in contemporary art installations.
  5. Interior Decor: Neon sign wall art serve as decorative pieces in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.
  6. Themed Environments: Neon signs contribute to themed environments, creating specific atmospheres.
  7. Weddings: Neon signs add a romantic and personalized touch to wedding decor.

Why choose our neon signs?

  1. Personalization: Customize your personalized neon wall signs in any way you want, you can choose the color, size, font and number of custom lines of text. Accessories can also be customized, such as dimmers, remote controls, chains, chains, etc.
  2. Best price: We can beat any similar offer from our competitors.
  3. Excellent quality: All our products are tested for quality before they are shipped.
  4. High quality and craftsmanship: Our neon sign wall art are all handmade with special attention to detail. All of our neon strips are tightly glued to the acrylic backboard, rather than simply tucked into slots. As a result, unlike many other neon manufacturers’ lights, our LED neon logo sign is stronger and there is no risk of peeling.
  5. Fast shipping and service: Production time for neon sign wall decor is 3-5 days. It will ship within 5-7 days via global Express.




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