Custom Neon Signs

Are you organizing a wedding or company event? Want to decorate your room or make your store more attractive, but don’t know how to highlight your event decor even more? You always have the option of installing neon signs on your walls or Windows. Colored leds can help you highlight the focus of the event or the protagonist of the event. It will add a touch of style to the celebration and further excite guests.

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Customize your own personalized neon signs, neon wall art adorns coffee shops, bars, restaurants and eateries; Neon signs appear in beauty salons and barbershops; There are personal neon signs in nightclubs and yoga studios. Whether you want to decorate your room or make your store more attractive, you can use neon sign to great effect.
All of our neon lights are made with ultra-efficient LED technology that not only guarantees visual impact at first glance, but also provides a safe, cool touch experience even after prolonged use.

Product Specifications:

Light Source
•  Light source: 2835 SMD LED
•  LED QTY: 120pcs/meter
•  LED life expectancy: 5000 hours

Color System
•  Color: R/G/B/W/Optional colors

•  Neon Flex: 8mm / 6mm Silcone
•  Back board: 6.6mm Acrylic or 10mm PVC optional
•  Font size: >4cm
•  Installation: Mounting / Handing
•  Connection: Bare wire + – or USB optional
•  Size: Customized

•  On/Off function
•  Mode: Dimming, Speed, Macro effects
•  Remote: Optional

•  Input voltage: 12V
•  Power adpet: Optional

•  Max. ambient temp: 40°
•  IP rating: IP20 / IP65 optional

How to make your own personalized neon sign:

1. Choose desired text, Fonts, logo, graphics, or any specific shapes.

2. Specify the desired dimensions of the LED Neon Sign. (Width, height, and thickness)

3. Selcet the color scheme. If multiple colors are desired, specify where each color should be used.

4. Determine the preferred method of installation. (wall-mounted, freestanding, or hung)

5. Select preferred back board for the signboard, such as Acrylic or PVC.

6. Determine a standard power outlet and other hardware options, like dimming, remote…

Providing clear and detailed information upfront helps streamline the customization process and ensures that the final neon sign lights meets the user’s expectations.

Why choose our neon sign personalized?

  1. Personalization: Customize your personalized neon sign in any way you want, you can choose the color, size, font and number of custom lines of text. Accessories can also be customized, such as dimmers, remote controls, chains, chains, etc.
  2. Best price: We can beat any similar offer from our competitors.
  3. Excellent quality: All our products are tested for quality before they are shipped.
  4. High quality and craftsmanship: our personalized neon signs are all handmade with special attention to detail. All of our neon strips are tightly glued to the acrylic backboard, rather than simply tucked into slots. As a result, unlike many other neon manufacturers’ lights, our LED neon is stronger and there is no risk of peeling.
  5. Fast shipping and service: production time for custom neon signs is 3-5 days. It will ship within 5-7 days via global Express.



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