Slim LED Light Box

The slim light box display features an ultra-slim depth of only 22mm and offers vibrant and even illumination powered by LED edge-lit technology. It is perfect for all indoor and sheltered environments. Our super slim LED light box signs are available in sizes ranging from A4 to A0, as well as 30”x20” and 40”x30”, with a choice of 6 frame colors. Additionally, it features a snap-open and shut graphic change system, making inserting posters a breeze.

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Product specification:

Feature Specifications
Product Name Slim LED Light Box
Frame Material Aliuminum
Panel material PS/PVC
Color of frame Silver/Black/Golden
Size Customized Size
Power supply AC110V-240V / DC 12V Adapter
Light source LED
Application Indoor

Product Description:

The slim led light box sign offers a sleek and modern display solution, ideal for showcasing graphics, advertisements, or promotional content with sophistication. Constructed with a slender aluminum frame, it integrates advanced LED technology for bright and energy-efficient illumination, ensuring clarity and vibrancy while minimizing costs and environmental impact. With customizable sizing options and a snap-open poster change system, it’s versatile for various environments such as retail spaces, trade shows, and corporate settings.

Key Features:

  1. material: LED aluminum frame, LED edge lit, with PS light guide panel, super bright.
  2. assembly angel: 45° seamless splicing technology
  3. aluminum frame width: 28mm
  4. packaging: single PE transparent bag+single inner box + AA level outer carton
  5. Application: Indoor use


  • Retail Displays: Thin led light box is ideal for highlighting product promotions and branding in stores.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Enhances menus and showcases specials for diners.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attracts attention to booth displays and signage.
  • Art Galleries: Illuminates artworks for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Corporate Offices: Enhances office decor and signage.
  • Events and Weddings: Adds a touch of elegance to event signage and decorations.


1.How does the slim led light box work?

The acrylic light box utilizes LED technology to provide vibrant and uniform illumination behind a translucent panel, ensuring visually appealing displays.

2.What is meant by the extruded aluminum frame in the slim light box?

The extruded aluminum frame in the slim light box refers to a structurally reinforced border crafted through the extrusion process, providing durability and a sleek outline to the illuminated menu display.

3.Are thin led light box energy-efficient?

Yes, slim light boxes are energy-efficient due to their use of LED technology, which consumes less power, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

4.Does the thin led light box need to be mounted on a wall?

Not necessarily. The slim light box is versatile enough to be affixed to walls, doors, and various flat surfaces, or set up as a freestanding display depending on the available fixtures and fittings, offering dual-sided exposure for heightened impact.

5.How is the graphic replaced on a slim light box?

Graphics on a slim light box are replaced through a user-friendly snap-open and close mechanism that allows for easy graphic insertion and removal.





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