Whiteboard for Teaching or Office Meeting

Elevate your teaching or meeting experience with the Large Teaching Whiteboard from SHIDAI Custom, and the size and color are all depend on your preferences.

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Product Introduction:

Introducing our Large Teaching Whiteboard, belonging to the big display products, is a good choice for you teaching need or business office.

Attribute Details
Product Name Teaching Whiteboard
Model Number WB002
Material Iron + tempered glass
Size 60*90/70*100/80*120/90*120/90*180/100*150cm
Application Teaching/Business use
Package Carton +Foam
Feature Movable

Product Description:

A teaching whiteboard is a versatile educational tool used in classrooms, training centers, and other learning environments. and it is often used in teaching process.

With the use of markers, erasers, and sometimes additional accessories like magnets or flip chart pads, teaching whiteboards facilitate dynamic and visual instruction, fostering active participation and comprehension among learners.

High-Quality Surface: The surface is made from tempered glass, which provides a smooth enough surface for writing, drawing, and erasing.

Versatile Usage: Whether used for teaching, brainstorming, presentations, or collaborative work, this whiteboard accommodates a wide range of educational and professional activities.

Easy Installation:  Installation is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to set up your workspace efficiently.

Available Sizes: Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your space and specific requirements, ranging from 60*90cm to 100*150cm.

Product Application:

The teaching whiteboard is commonly used in students teaching process or business conference situations.

Classroom Teaching: Teaching whiteboards are commonly used by educators to present lessons, explain concepts, and illustrate examples during classes.

Training and Workshops: In professional settings, teaching whiteboards are utilized for training sessions, workshops, and presentations.

Presentations and Lectures: Teaching whiteboards serve as presentation tools for delivering lectures, speeches, and academic presentations.

Business Conference: During the meeting in office, the whiteboard also can be used in this situations mostly.

Use Teaching Whiteboard to enhance your teaching or business conference experience, it will be a good choice.


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