The versatility and transparency of clear adhesive paper make it a valuable material for a wide range of applications where a clean and secure adhesive is needed while maintaining visibility of the underlying surface or printed content.

Product Specification:

Feature Specifications
Model Number Self Adhesive Paper (Clear glue)
Color White
Size 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52*50M or Customized Size
Adhesive Side Single Sided
Glue Color Clear

Product Description:

Peel and Stick Paper with clear glue is a versatile material primarily used for labeling, creating stickers, scrapbooking, and various DIY craft projects. Its transparent adhesive allows for neat and secure attachment of items to surfaces without obstructing visibility, making it an ideal choice for both practical and decorative applications, including packaging, sealing, organization, and protection of documents or materials.

Various classifications exist for self-adhesive paper, also known as adhesive-backed paper or sticker paper, based on different characteristics. It includes Glossy Self-Adhesive Paper, Matte Self-Adhesive Paper, Waterproof Self-Adhesive Paper, and Removable Self-Adhesive Paper.

Use scenarios:

Labeling: Clear adhesive paper can be used to create labels for products, packaging, folders, and more. The clear glue ensures that the label sticks securely to the surface while allowing the printed information to be easily visible.

Stickers: It is commonly used to produce stickers for various purposes, including decorative stickers, promotional stickers, bumper stickers, and more. The clear glue allows the sticker to adhere smoothly to different surfaces.

Scrapbooking: Scrapbook enthusiasts often use clear adhesive paper to attach photos, embellishments, and other decorative elements to scrapbook pages. It provides a clean and transparent adhesive that doesn’t detract from the visual appeal of the design.

DIY Crafts: Crafters use clear adhesive paper in a wide range of DIY projects, including cardmaking, gift wrapping, and creating custom invitations. It allows for precise placement of decorative elements.

Sealing: It can be used to create seals or closures on envelopes, invitations, certificates, and other documents. The clear adhesive ensures a neat and professional appearance.

Protective Covering: Clear adhesive paper is often used to protect and preserve documents or materials by applying a transparent adhesive cover. This is commonly seen in book covers, laminating documents, or covering fragile items.

Packaging: In some cases, clear adhesive paper is used in packaging applications to seal and protect products while allowing customers to see the contents.

Labeling for Organizational Purposes: It’s used for labeling and organizing items in both home and office environments. Clear adhesive labels can be applied to containers, shelves, or files for easy identification.

Decorative Applications: Clear adhesive paper can be used for decorative purposes, such as creating window decals, glass decorations, or adding a protective layer to artwork.


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