Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

Discovering our Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign, versatile, customizable in size and weight, it’s a key to make your promotion perfect whether in indoor or outdoor advertise.

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Specification Details:

Elevate your outdoor advertising with our Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign, also called Sandwich Board Sign. The name “sandwich board” comes from the fact that these signs resemble a sandwich with two flat panels hinged at the top, allowing them to fold together for easy transport and storage.

Attribute Details
Product Name  Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign
Material Iron
Sizes Available 60x90cm
Type A Frame Poster Stands
Model Number PS002
Package Carton
Application  Indoor or Outdoor Advertising

Product Description:

Introduce our Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign, a robust and eye-catching advertising solution. Here’s why this product stands out:

  • Sturdy Steel Construction: This A-frame sidewalk sign ensures it remains a steadfast presence for your advertising needs.
  • Customizable Size: Choose from a range of size options to perfectly match your message’s visibility requirements.
  • Variable Weight: Depending on your preferences, select from various weight options to ensure stability in different settings.
  • Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Use: This A-frame sidewalk sign excels in both indoor and outdoor advertising applications.
  • Impactful Visual Appeal: It guarantees that your message not only catches the eye but leaves a lasting impression.

Product Application:

A-Frame sidewalk signs, also known as sandwich board signs, are versatile and widely used for various applications due to their portability and visibility. Here are some common applications of A-Frame sidewalk signs:

  • Retail Stores and Restaurants: Promoting daily specials or discounts, advertising new products or menu items.
  • Real Estate: Providing directional information to potential buyers.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Announcing health and wellness services.
  • Safety and Informational Signs: Warning signs for construction zones or maintenance activities.

Elevate your advertising event with the Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign. Its sturdy steel construction, customizable size, weight options, and indoor/outdoor versatility make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking an attention-grabbing and enduring advertising solution.


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