Live Neon Sign

Anchor/players/influencers neon: if you are a Twitch/Youtube/Tiktok/sets or any social media platform of the host/players/influencers, the LIVE signal light is necessary of you to set the lamp. Fun, bright, cool and super easy to use, they add more personality and style to your streaming/live background.

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This LED live acrylic neon signs is a great choice for gamers and streamers on Tiktok, Twitch, Youtube or any other social media platform. When the live neon sign lights up, it will illuminate your game studio and live background. This neon live sign is bright but not harsh, adding fun and a good atmosphere to your live broadcast.

Product Specifications:

Light Source
•  Light source: 2835 SMD LED
•  LED QTY: 120pcs/meter
•  LED life expectancy: 5000 hours

Color System
•  Color: R/G/B/W/Optional colors

•  Neon Flex: 8mm / 6mm Silcone
•  Back board: 6.6mm Acrylic or 10mm PVC optional
•  Font size: >4cm
•  Installation: Mounting / Handing
•  Connection: Bare wire + – or USB optional
•  Size: 20*20cm

•  On/Off function
•  Mode: Dimming, Speed, Macro effects
•  Remote: Optional

•  Input voltage: 12V
•  Power adpet: Optional

•  Max. ambient temp: 40°
•  IP rating: IP20 / IP65 optional

Product Description:

This live acrylic neon signs is suitable for music scenes, which can enhance the atmosphere of the scene and decorate the environment.

Lighting up Your Room】ShiDai live neon sign will be a great addition to your home decor, wedding, bedroom, party, store, bar, etc. Beautiful LED night signs create a romantic atmosphere, make your room or important scene feel artistic, and are an indispensable decoration in our colorful life.

Safe and friendlyLive music neon sign have a soft, cool, smooth touch, LED live neon sign bright but not dazzling, no noise and energy saving.

Quality Materials】ShiDai live neon sign decor are made of flexible LED lamp strips and acrylic backboards. High temperature resistance, durability, no noise. Low voltage advanced electrode system, low energy consumption, long life, no risk of overheating or glass damage.

Unique design】: The neon live sign is shaped by a LED neon strip. Add luster to your environment with this 3D wall art neon sign.

Perfect decoration】: LED beverage logo light and durable. You can use it as a decoration for home walls, restaurants, home bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Brighten up your room and make it bright and warm.


  1. Business Signage: LED Neon signs attract attention as storefront signs for businesses like restaurants and retail stores.
  2. Hospitality and Entertainment: LED Neon signs create a lively atmosphere in hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, and bars.
  3. Event Decor: Live music neon sign add a festive touch to weddings, parties, and other events.
  4. Art Installations: Artists use neon signs to express creativity in contemporary art installations.
  5. Interior Decor: Live music neon sign serve as decorative pieces in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.
  6. Themed Environments: LED Neon live sign contribute to themed environments, creating specific atmospheres.
  7. Weddings: LED Neon signs add a romantic and personalized touch to wedding decor.

Why choose our led neon signs?

  1. Personalization: Customize your acrylic neon signs in any way you want, you can choose the color, size, font and number of custom lines of text. Accessories can also be customized, such as dimmers, remote controls, chains, chains, etc.
  2. Best price: We can beat any similar offer from our competitors.
  3. Excellent quality: All our products are tested for quality before they are shipped.
  4. High quality and craftsmanship: our live acrylic neon signs are all handmade with special attention to detail. All of our neon strips are tightly glued to the acrylic backboard, rather than simply tucked into slots. As a result, unlike many other neon manufacturers’ lights, our LED neon is stronger and there is no risk of peeling.
  5. Fast shipping and service: production time for custom neon signs is 3-5 days. It will ship within 5-7 days via global Express.



If you need to customize other sizes and patterns of neon sign, please contact us: