The Waterproof Photo Paper can offering exceptional quality, waterproof protection, and a stunning glossy finish that brings your images to life with unrivaled vibrancy and clarity. Whether you’re creating cherished photo albums, captivating framed art, or professional portfolios, this premium photo paper ensures that your prints leave a lasting and impressive impression.

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Product specification:

Feature Specifications
Product Name Waterproof Photo Paper(220G)
Material Paper
Color White
Size 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52*35m
Basis Weight (g/m2) 220g
Surface Glossy

Product Description:

Inkjet Photo Paper is a unique paper variety coated with a special layer applied to regular paper. This coating enhances paper brightness and enables rapid ink absorption. As a result, the ink dries quickly, ensuring long-lasting vivid colors in photos. Furthermore, the paper texture is notably firm, and it effectively prevents ink from seeping through during high-resolution printing.Photographic paper comes in varieties such as glossy photo paper, matte photo paper, waterproof photo paper, and adhesive-backed photo paper.

Waterproof photo paper is ideal for outdoor use as it can withstand wind and rain, making it suitable for propaganda posters.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Printing:
    • Crafted for high-resolution, lifelike prints.
    • Ensures superb color accuracy and sharpness.
  • Glossy Finish:
    • Features a glossy finish for enhanced visual appeal.
    • Adds depth and vibrancy to your images.
  • Instant Dry:
    • Quick-drying coating for immediate handling and framing.
    • Minimizes the risk of smudging.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal:
    • Glossy finish gives prints a professional and captivating look.
  • Wide Compatibility:
    • Compatible with various inkjet printers for versatility in printing setups.
  • Fade-Resistant:
    • Resists fading and discoloration over time.
    • Ensures long-lasting brilliance of prints.
  • Wide Application:
    • Suitable for various uses, including photo albums, framed art, scrapbooking, greeting cards, and professional portfolios.


  • Photo Printing:People primarily use it to print personal, family, and professional photographs to preserve cherished memories.
  • Photo Albums: Ideal for creating neatly organized and displayed photo albums.
  • Exhibitions and Galleries:Art galleries and exhibitions frequently utilize photo paper to showcase artworks and photographic pieces.
  • Advertising and Promotion:Businesses employ photo paper to craft high-quality advertising and promotional materials that attract customers and showcase products.
  • Home Decor:Photo paper is used for printing art and decorations, enhancing the ambiance of homes.



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