Shimmer wall panel is an unique ambience product. The size of panel is 12×12 inches, including 100 sequins of 3×3 centimeters. Square sequin is the most common in the market, we can also make circular and heart-shaped sequins. Also Many different colors are available, like the pink series and the fashionable sparkling silver series.

This small sequine is made of polymer materials and non-toxic coatings. It is lightweight and user-friendly, very easy to assemble and disassemble.

Shimmer wall is very suitable for weddings, birthday parties, family activity walls, etc. Also you we always use balloons and bubble machines, that would be a perfect match.

•  Product name: Shimmer wall panel
•  Model number: DT1010
•  Base material: ABS Plastic
•  Shape of sequin: Round or square
•  Size: 30*30cm
•  Packing & delivery: Carton
•  Brand name: Shidai / Custom
•  Suface: Glossy
•  Sequin material: PET
•  Color: golden/silver/customized
•  Number of Sequins: 100pcs/panel
•  Application: Weddings, Birthday parties


How to assemble the shimmer wall panel?

If we connect all the shimmer wall panels together, I will be using small ties, and let’s see the operation as well. Before the assemble, make sure you lay the panel correctly, because there is a correct way and incorrect way. You could see all the sequins come down, just enough to cover the base plate. But when you turn the panel incorrect way, you can see the top is exposed,it is a wrong way to assemble. So, Make sure the sequine have cover the plastic panel.

Turn to another face, see clearly there are many small holes. Use the small tie, go through the hole and fasten two panels together. After connecting the panel, we can put it on the display frame or wall. It is easy to assemble to sequin backdrop.



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