3m one way vision film

The Gangshen one way vision perforated window film get style and privacy together.

Our film is compatible with most vinyl printing methods, users can share their ideas of advertising and promotion. Applied to any window, it creates a one way visible barrier, blocking sunlight and protecting your privacy while still allowing you to look out.

It is easy to install and remove on the window, and the air-released adhesive backing make the film simple to replace in damage. This one way vision film is suited for advertising or decorating on shops, offices, supermarkets, buses and car windows. It is an indispensable choice for many advertising industries and is deeply loved by merchants and car adversting.

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• Model name: 3m one way vision film • Material: PVC
• Surface: Glossy • Transmittance:30%
• Diameter of hole: 1.5mm • Center distancce between Holes:2.7mm
• Glue Type: Black • PVC film: 90mic
• Glue thickness: 25mic • Backing paper: 140g
• Printing: Digitial printing / silk screen printing • Ink Type: Eco-solvent / UV / Latex
• Size: 0.914/1.07/4.27/1.37/1.52m*50m • Packing & delivery: PE film+Paper tube+Carton
• Application: Outdoor/indoor advertising

Different Version:
HO1216    90mic PVC film + 25mic gule + 140g liner
HO1414   100mic PVC film + 25mic gule + 140g liner
HO1418   100mic PVC film + 25mic gule + 160g liner


Why we use one way vision window film:
The advantages of car one way vision film compared to other advertising materials are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. The significant advantage of high-quality 3m one way vision film is that it does not affect the visibility of personnel inside the car (especially the driver) when viewed from inside. A good single transparent sticker can achieve a transmittance of 5:5 (50%), which is the same as the transmittance of the glass before posting, but the effects of the two are significantly different. After posting a single transparent sticker, beautiful advertising and promotional images can be seen one after another. In this way, not only does it beautify the city’s appearance, but it also increases the effectiveness of advertising and publicity.

2. The advantages of 3m one way vision film far outweigh the expensive solar film. The solar film becomes very hot, brittle, and prone to edge warping under the irradiation of the sun. Of course, single sided transparency can not only provide sunshade effect, but also make the sunlight very soft after passing through the small holes on the single sided transparency.

In addition, it can be partially lit (more than ten times stronger than the solar film), which can be felt by everyone sitting in the car. Posting car one way vision film has a clearer view and a cooler feeling than posting the solar film.

Due to the small holes in the perforated perspective, this window film is easier to absorb water and dust, especially in rainy days when the holes absorb water, which can affect the visual effect of the driver.

For example, if a protective film is mounted on the single sided perspective, the water droplets falling on it can flow downstream, greatly improving driving safety performance.



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