Management of Gangshen Material had a seven-day team building activity in the Alashan Desert, Inner Mongolia from May 14th to 20th. Desert Trekking is an unforgettable experience, and everyone has a different feeling.

The desert feels desolate, arid, and boundless, but during the hike, we found that the desert is also beautiful. It can change the color of the sand to construct a wonderful landscape, making us cherish the beauty of nature more.

In the process of hiking, we also experienced the power of perseverance. When we have walked for a long time, when we encounter difficulties, we have to face our inner struggle. Because I know that if we don’t persevere, we lose the opportunity to move forward. It is this perseverance that cultivates our willpower and perseverance.

We also learned the importance of helping each other and respecting each other. Each has different abilities and weaknesses in desert trekking. At this time, we need to help each other and give support and encouragement when needed. At the same time, we also respect everyone’s feelings and opinions, so that we can get along more harmoniously.

In this team building activity, we gained a lot, such as feeling the beauty of nature, exercising our willpower and perseverance, and learning to help and respect each other. This makes us cherish every good thing in life and strengthens our belief in moving forward.

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